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Fiona's Almond Sponge from DIA

A half-hour later, the tea table lay in shambles, the decanter stood empty, and the three of them sat in a shared stupor of content.  Brianna shifted once or twice, glanced at Roger, and finally asked if she might use his "rest room."

"Oh, the W.C.?  Of course."  He heaved himself to his feet, ponderous with Dundee cake and almond sponge.  If he didn't get away from Fiona soon, he'd weigh three hundred pounds before he got back to Oxford.

"It's on of the old-fashioned kind," he explained, pointing down the hall in the direction of the bathroom.  "With a tank on the ceiling and a pull-chain."

"I saw some of those in the British Museum," Brianna said, nodding.  "Only they weren't in with the exhibits, they were in the ladies' room."  She hesitated, then asked, "You haven't got the same sort of toilet paper they have in the British Museum, do you?  Because if you do, I've got some Kleenex in my purse."

Dragonfly in Amber (Chapter 2 - The Plot Thickens)

I have a confession about my most recent boo boo.

I accidentally deleted 75% of the photos for this post from my camera.  They never even made it onto my computer.  A wee brain fart and an over-enthusiastic index finger on my mouse button while I was reviewing them is all it took.

The result is a shorter post than usual, with fewer in-process photos.

But don't let that dampen your enthusiasm for this simple and delicious almond sponge cake.  Fiona would want you to try it!


Unless you have arms of steel and experience fierce joy at the thought of whisking by hand, an electric mixer is required for this recipe, known in culinary circles as a genoise.  The cake is leavened with eggs, no baking powder or soda needed.  The eggs and sugar are whipped at a high speed for a long time to incorporate air, which results in a light, moist sponge.

You know the eggs are done when they've about tripled in size and they're at the ribbon stage, which looks exactly like the photo above.  The batter will leave a trail as you drizzle it over the bowl.  (Photo courtesy of onceuponachef.com)

almond sponge DIA

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